9 Annoying Laws of Scuba Diving

Resistance is futile

Our boring existence on this slum of a planet is governed by a variety of scientific laws. For example, the Law of Gravity which ensures everyone stays where they are. Many natural phenomena have yet to be formally defined, however this doesn’t stop them from affecting our lives.

For decades, scuba divers have intuitively felt the existence of powerful laws which govern our enjoyment of Earth’s aquatic realm. Omnipotent laws which take perverse delight in ruining our dives. Hitherto, they have lurked in the shadows. But now one brave diver has risked it all to expose the truth.

There are nine of them. And they will stop at nothing to silence him.

Join the movement. Spread the word.

The Laws
1. Law of Frigidity
2. Law of Klutziness
3. Law of Portage
4. Law of Divestment
5. Law of Exception
6. Law of Congestion
7. Law of Shrinkage
8. Law of Rarity
9. Law of Entanglement

Published: 15 December 2019
ISBN (print edition): 9789697756018
ISBN (Kindle edition): 9789697756025


Congratulations to you on your publications contributing to scuba diving safety and most recent insightful, and humorous twist, Laws of Scuba Diving. Very well done!

Drew Richardson, President & CEO, PADI Worldwide

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Divers for the Environment
Official magazine of the Emirates Diving Association (EDA)
Issue: March 2020, pg 16 [link]

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