Out of air? What’s the plan?

As an adventure sport, scuba diving naturally involves inherent risks. The greatest of these is your spouse finding out how much you have been secretly spending on new dive gear. That, and running out of air underwater. This book focuses on the latter, assuming you somehow survive the former.

Out-of-air emergencies are thankfully uncommon. Nonetheless, one of the first things which new divers learn is how to share air with a buddy. And this is where it starts to become complicated. Not only are there different ways to share, but opinions (on which approach is better and why) remain divided. Meanwhile, the choice itself is generally misunderstood and sometimes misrepresented.

Written in two parts, Give or Take? examines the matter from a wide variety of perspectives. It certainly doesn’t have all the answers, but it will definitely give you plenty to think about. And who knows, that may just save your life one day.

Who should read this book
The Give or Take? dilemma is relevant to all scuba divers – from novices who have just taken up the sport, to experienced divers who have been enjoying it for years. The book is written as an engaging discussion spread across five chapters. Photographs, illustrations and sidebar commentary make the journey more enjoyable.

I: Out of air
II: Sharing air
III: Moments of truth
IV: Rock, steel and deco
V: Give or take

Reading time
3 to 5 hours

About the author
Saad D Bhatty is a technical instructor for open-circuit and rebreather diving. He holds certifications from BSAC, IANTD and PADI. Currently berthed in the UAE, he has been scuba diving for 17 years.


Without a doubt an interesting read, simple yet effective. Makes divers think about what needs to be done and how it can be done.
Guy Thomas, Director of Safety, DAN Europe

Nicely presented. Interesting reading, especially for junior / intro tech divers.
Ross Hemingway, HHS Software (V-Planner / Multi-Deco)

Give or Take? is a well-written, thoughtful, easy-to-read look at running out of air.
Peter Buzzacott, MPH, PhD, cave diver, diving scientist and former recreational/technical diving instructor

Very nicely done… easy and simple but essential information for not only beginners but also advanced divers.
Mo Helmy, PADI Course Director

A really easy read for scuba divers of all levels. We are familiar with out-of-air scenarios as part of our training but Saad injects emotional and environmental factors into the picture, forcing the reader to acquire a very realistic appreciation of OOA emergencies. Which undoubtedly, for my own part, has made me reflect upon my own practice. I particularly enjoyed Saad’s articulation of what he calls The Twelve Dimensions… very thought-provoking even to the most experienced divers. Now waiting for the sequel!
Gill Roberts, PADI IDC Staff Instructor

Most scuba divers have come across situations where their air consumption was not monitored too closely or in a place that made them more conscious of what was left in their tank, such as in strong currents. Saad Bhatty’s book presents an outstanding review of what causes Out Of Air situations, how equipment should be used when such situations arrive, and what air-sharing options are available. He also covers the physiology and psychological state of divers once they are OOA and the urgency to make quick decisions and actions. Bhatty’s explanations whether divers should “give or take” are clear, with many supporting diagrams and tables. Saad Bhatty’s book should be must reading for divers, and once read, shared with their diving buddy.
Ken Volk, PhD, recreational diver

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